Can I remove the membrane after cooking ribs?

Chef's answer
When left on, the membrane acts like a chewy piece of very thin plastic wrap, ruining your rib experience with its toughness. Leaving it on is a crime against diners and whatever animal died to give you its ribs. Luckily, the membrane is embarrassingly easy to remove. You don't even need a knife.
Frequently asked Questions 🎓
Leaving the membrane attached to your ribs will result in less-flavorful ribs and a tough texture. ... Unlike the cartilage and other connective tissue between and around the ribs, this membrane does not soften when it's cooked. It just comes out tough and chewy, like a sheet of plastic.
Any reputable butcher is likely to remove it, either before display or just before they package it for you. I know I'm weird but I actually like the membrane. I'm glad they don't remove it. I was quite surprised that the racks of babyback my wife snagged from Costco were already peeled..
FYI, Costco's baby back ribs come with the membrane already peeled off the back side. ... The membrane is already removed from the 3 slab cryovac Swift Premium baby backs from Costco. Learned that the hard way too. Costco ribs usually have the membrane removed already.
Kroger "Natural" ribs -- un-enhanced no membrane. Above their usual store brand enhanced BB ribs, they had another store brand of Natural BB ribs.
I bought a pack of Swift St Louis ribs in the vac pack with 3 pieces inside and found they all have the membrane on the bone side. You are correct that they did have the membrane (silver skin) removed in the past.
The Rib Membrane When cooking ribs, this means that it keeps out smoke and seasonings and holds in the fat that needs to be rendered. This is why many cooks remove the membrane. Some cooks claim it doesn't matter whether you remove the membrane, so it is a matter of choice whether you do so.
Removing the paper-like membrane from the bone side of ribs prior to smoking ensures that they are as tender as possible without guests having to gnaw through the membrane's tough texture. There are two sides to a slab of ribs. ... The bone side has a silvery membrane that should be removed.
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