Can you grate truffle with cheese grater?

Chef's answer
Don't try to cut a truffle with a knife or grate it with a cheese grater or microplane. Only a truffle shaver will get you the super thin slices you want, and preserve the integrity of your truffle. Shave, but don't cook, a white truffle. A white truffle is really best simply shaved over a dish.
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Combine heavy cream and truffle oil in a saucepan over high heat. Bring to a boil. Stir in Parmesan cheese, butter, salt, and pepper. Cook, stirring frequently, until the sauce has a creamy consistency without conglomerates of cheese, about 5 minutes.
Typically paired with foie gras, butter, cream, cheese and oils, fatty foods work great and help bring the full flavor out. Less flavorful foods like pasta, rice and potatoes are perfect compliments to bring out the truffle flavor.Mar 29, 2018
Truffles should be grated or sliced with a truffle slicer directly on to food and into sauces or soups, just before eating. They should not be cooked, as the heat will damage the flavour and aroma.Jan 22, 2007
The best way to grate truffle is using a Microplane grater. You don't need to buy a fancy truffle slicer. Grating it exposes more surface area of the truffle.Aug 8, 2017
They are often described as having a slight garlicky flavor similar to shallots with a deep musky aroma. The pungent aroma and subtle flavor can turn any traditional dish into a gourmet taste experience. As said before, truffles have the unique ability to enhance savory and even sweet dishes to gourmet status.Dec 6, 2016
expensive, sometimes as much as thousands of dollars per pound. Truffles are costly because they're hard to find, frustrating to grow, and impossible to store for any length of time. ... Black truffles from France and white truffles from Italy are the two most highly valued.Mar 16, 2019
Can truffles be eaten raw? To preserve all its aroma, a truffle should not be cooked too much. Add them just before consuming the meal, at the end of the cooking. In fact, eating fresh, just-harvested truffles raw is a great way to savour the taste of them.
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