How do you keep stuffing warm?

Chef's answer
I make indentations in the trays of stuffing with a spoon, he says, "I put the hot chicken stock in it, and it keeps it warm." Flay says he cooks three thirty-pound turkeys ever year, so he clings to any and all shortcuts that make the process easier, the hot broth trick being his favorite.
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Per request, here is a versatile crabmeat stuffing recipe that can be used in a wide variety of dishes. This recipe makes a large batch but you can either cut it in half or freeze the rest in an airtight container. ...
Check it with an instant-read thermometer inserted all the way into the center of the stuffing. If the bird is done before the stuffing is, take the bird out of the oven but spoon the stuffing into a casserole dish and continue to bake it while the turkey rests before carving..
The best bread to use for stuffing is the kind that has neutral flavor, tight crumb, with a slight tendency to be on the sweet side. Good choices will be white bread, challah or brioche to name a few..
If the stuffing has not been prepared correctly or cooked properly, this may lead to contamination and subsequent illness after eating. An over-stuffed bird may result in the poultry meat being under-cooked, which can also cause food poisoning and severe illness..
Overcooking It Perfect stuffing needs to be cooked just right. Overcook it and your stuffing will be dry. Undercook it and it will be soggy.
The stuffing should be moist, but not wet. If there is a puddle of broth at the bottom of the bowl, you've added too much. Add more bread to soak up the excess moisture. If the mix is still dry and crumbly, add more liquid and toss gently until it starts to clump together.
If baking in a casserole pan: Cover with aluminum foil and bake until heated through, about 30 minutes. Uncover and bake until top is slightly crisp and golden, about 10 minutes longer. Serve immediately..
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