How do you preserve homemade jam?

Chef's answer
Preserve for Now or Later
  • Enjoy it now: Cool filled jars to room temperature. Place lids and bands on jars and label. Refrigerate jam or jelly for up to three weeks or serve immediately to enjoy now.
  • Freeze it: Leave ?-inch headspace when filling jars. Cool, lid, and label. Freeze jam or jelly for up to 1 year.
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    Proper cooking converts collagen... Corned beef usually starts as a tough cut (brisket, typically) which has lots of chewy collagen. ... So any gelatin that is exuded is a normal part of the cooking process.
    People eat it with lamb because it tastes good, the flavours work well together and the mint cuts through the greasiness of lamb. A throwback from medieval cuisine which often combined meat with sweet fruit condiments or sweet aromas in part due to inexistence of new world ingredients and arguably to mask off flavors..
    The tradition of serving mint sauce with lamb comes from England, and it dates back to a time when lamb was significantly more gamy and fatty as compared with today.
    Mint sauce or mint jelly. Mint sauce is sour with a vinegar base. Mint jelly is sweet. ... Mint sauce, not mint jelly, it is simply chopped fresh mint in malt vinegar and it is delicious with lamb..
    One theory of the development of the lamb/mint association suggests that it is a legacy of the roast lamb and bitter herbs eaten by the eaten by the Israelites on the eve of their Exodus from Egypt.
    Other Uses For Mint Jelly: Serve on grilled or roasted lamb. Serve on Lamb sandwiches the next day. Spread on toast or serve with bread or rolls. Add as a garnish on other meat such as pork..
    Or, cool to room temperature, about 1 hour. Cover and let stand overnight or until set, but not longer than 24 hours. Refrigerate or freeze. (Refrigerate for up to 3 weeks or freeze for up to 12 months.).
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