How do you prevent ciguatera?

Chef's answer
Travelers can take the following precautions to prevent ciguatera fish poisoning:
  • Avoid or limit consumption of reef fish.
  • Never eat high-risk fish such as barracuda or moray eel.
  • Avoid eating the parts of the fish that concentrate ciguatera toxin: liver, intestines, roe, and head.
  • Frequently asked Questions 🎓
    Symptoms usually last a few days but can linger for months or years. There is no way to cure ciguatera, but a doctor may be able to treat the symptoms.
    Symptoms are similar to those of ciguatera fish poisoning and may include abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and/or a red itchy skin rash (pruritus). Chills, hot and cold temperature reversal, blurred vision, abnormal sensitivity to light (photophobia), and muscle aches (myalgias) may also occur.
    The toxins that cause ciguatera do not affect the appearance, taste, or smell of fish, so there is no way to tell if fish is contaminated. The toxins are not destroyed by heat, so even thoroughly cooked fish is a risk.
    There is no specific cure for ciguatera fish poisoning, but symptoms can be treated until the illness resolves on its own. Most poisoning resolves in a few days or weeks, but in severe cases the neurologic symptoms may last for weeks or months.26 Jun 2013
    The acute symptoms of ciguatera fish poisoning generally disappear within a few days. However, neurological symptoms may continue for several months.
    Diagnosing any neurotoxin-mediated illness usually requires identifying a biomarker, but there is no such serologic test for chronic ciguatera. "Early diagnosis must involve a physiologic test as a biomarker because otherwise we have no way of demonstrating the toxin in people."31 Oct 2000
    Irregular heart rhythms and low blood pressure may also be experienced. Ciguatera poisoning symptoms typically resolve within several days, but may last up to 4 weeks. The symptoms of ciguatera poisoning may resemble other medical conditions.
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