Is Uzbekistan cheaper than India?

Chef's answer
Uzbekistan is 75.8% more expensive than India..
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Uzbekistan's signature dish is palov (plov or osh or "pilaf"), a main course typically made with rice, pieces of meat, grated carrots and onions. It is usually cooked in a kazan (or deghi) over an open fire.
1: Uzbekistan is one of only two double-landlocked countries in the world. This is a nation that is surrounded completely by other landlocked countries! The other one is Lichtenstein. 2: Uzbekistan lies on the ancient Silk Route, which led to the cities of Bukhara and Samarkand amassing great wealth and power.
Unfortunately English is not nearly as widely spoken in Uzbekistan as other regions such as Russia or Western Europe. However, more people are starting to learn it especially the country's younger generation. A little bit of English is spoken in big cities and tourist industry.
Wages in Uzbekistan is expected to reach 1700..
You can head up to ancient Nurata and go to one of the Yurt Camps in the Kyzylkum desert. Swimming in Aydarkul and Camel Riding in the Kyzil Kum desert, Visiting Derwaza Gas Crater are some of the Top Fun Things to Do in the deserts of Central Asia.
BACKGROUND. Uzbekistan is more than 80 percent Muslim. The majority of the country's Muslims are Sunni and regard themselves as followers of the Hannafi branch of Sunnism. ... During World War II, the Soviet government forged a rapprochement with clerics, and established the Muslim Board of Central Asia and Kazakhstan..
Despite the country's Muslim veneer, it's easy to find beer, and to a lesser extent wine and spirits, and there's no taboo about drinking it..
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