What are 5 components of a satisfying salad?

Chef's answer
There are five elements to a perfect salad: greens, sweetness, creaminess, crunchiness, and dressing.
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Tag: Characteristics of Fresh Fish
  • Fresh Fish Characteristics.
  • Eyes. Yes: Crystal clear, plump, moist. No: sunken or cloudy.
  • Gills. Yes: Clean, cold and bright color. No: Slimy and dark color.
  • Fins. Yes: wet and whole. ...
  • Flesh. Yes: cold, wet, slippery and resilient when poked. ...
  • Smell. Yes: Clean, fresh. ...
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Remember, Five Guys cooks all burgers to well done. It's now time to add cheese. ... Five Guys doesn't pre-melt it.
  • Keep it simple and fresh.
  • Cut in a uniform manner whenever possible - diced items should be square.
  • Use lots of white plates - food always looks better on white. Solid plates are better than patterns. The food should be the pattern and focus.
  • When using colors, consider complementary colors and a variety of colors.
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