What are scallop eyes?

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These eyes represent a particular innovation among molluscs, relying on a concave, parabolic mirror of guanine crystals to focus and retro-reflect light instead of a lens as found in many other eye types..
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The scallop eyes fringing the edge of its shell detect moving objects as they pass successive eyes. 3. ... At some stage in their lives, all scallops all have a ridge of tiny teeth near the notch where the byssus comes out in other bivalves. This is called the ctenolium..
Although the reproductive organs, or roe, are edible, the part of the scallop that most people in the United States eat is the adductor muscle that opens and closes the shell. ... The scallops eyes are on its shell, not on the meat inside.
Scallops are highly sensitive to shadows, vibrations, water movement, and chemical stimuli. All possess a series of 100 blue eyes, embedded on the edge of the mantle of their upper and lower valves that can distinguish between light and darkness. They serve as a vital defense mechanism for avoiding predators..
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Warm eyeballs allow them to see prey faster in the murky depths. Researchers already knew that swordfish (Xiphias gladius) can selectively warm their eyes and brains. ...
There are between seven and eleven distinct eye types in molluscs..
Clams lack heads, but most can react to changes in light and some have eyes. All clams have two shells joined near a hinge structure with a flexible ligament, and all are filter feeders. Clams also have kidneys, a heart, a mouth, a stomach, a nervous system and an anus. Many have a siphon..
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