What is the most flavoursome steak?

Chef's answer
Scotch FilletScotch Fillet (aka Ribeye) This cut, from the rib section of the animal, comes with an abundance of rich marbling, which makes it one of the most flavoursome steaks you can get..
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A Scotch pancake, sometimes known by its other name, a drop scone, is a leavened and griddled pancake. ... Scotch pancakes are also slightly sweeter than the American-style, which means they are designed for salty half-melted butter. Scotch pancakes should be eaten, hot and crisp, with butter dripping down your wrist.
But while these hearty snacks have been served at picnics, pubs and corner stores in the United Kingdom since the late 18th century, the Scotch egg's modish repute stateside is a fairly recent phenomenon.
The Guardian quotes: "A theory asserts that the dish evolved from northern India's nargisi kofta, an egg covered in minced meat and served with curry, which returning soldiers and others introduced to England.
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