Who is the richest Chef 2020?

Chef's answer
Chef Alan Wong sits at the top of the list, making him the richest chef in the world with a net worth of $1.1 billion, followed by the two brits Jamie Oliver ($235 million) and Gordon Ramsay ($118 million).
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The Fix: Balance bitter flavors by introducing something salty, sweet, or sour. For naturally bitter foods such as kale, you can soften the flavor by add a lemony vinaigrette, Parmesan cheese, and pomegranate seeds. You can also elevate kale by tossing it olive oil and salt, then roasting it in the oven until crispy.
One of the best ways to counteract this chemical compound is by adding a dairy product: whole fat milk, heavy cream, yogurt, cheese, or sour cream. Even rich coconut milk can do the trick. Sugars help to neutralize the heat of chile peppers. So try adding a little sugar or honey to balance out too-hot flavors.
When I cook with butternut squash, I always use one of these assertive ingredients to balance the sweetness: Orange or lemon juice (or zest) adds brightness and zing. A splash of vinegar helps, too. Tomatoes, which are both sweet and acidic, make a bridge for full-flavored squash dishes..
To infuse a soup, galangal is usually sliced unpeeled. For curry pastes, it's peeled and chopped, then ground with the other paste ingredients..
Galangal root is rich in antioxidants and may boost male fertility and reduce inflammation and pain. It may even protect against infections and certain types of cancer, but more research is needed.
To prepare it for soup or curry, peel off the skin and grate or mince it for a stir-fry. You can also add whole slices to your dish, but remove them before serving as the fibrous root itself is tough and inedible.
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