Why can't you kill a lobster before cooking?

Chef's answer
According to Science Focus, the flesh of lobsters, crabs, and other shellfish is full of bacteria that can be harmful to humans if ingested. When shellfish are killed, this bacteria rapidly multiplies and toxins are released that may not be killed off during the cooking process.
Frequently asked Questions 🎓
The only method of stunning/killing crabs and lobsters that can produce an immediate loss of consciousness (within 1 second) is electrical stunning, enabling them to be killed without pain..
Examining several slaughter techniques of farmed fish, scientific research has established that many methods presently employed are inhumane,12 including gill-cutting without prior stunning,13, asphyxiation in air or on ice,14,15 carbon-dioxide stunning,16 and live chilling..
It is not unhealthy or unsafe to eat freshly-killed raw food. Raw chicken would be safe. The introduction of salmonella is due to terrible meat processing conditions, where fecal matter from chickens can get mixed into the meat, adding salmonella..
A black marlin attacked a woman snorkeling Saturday at Tanjung Karang Beach in Donggala, Central Sulawesi, a province of Indonesia, according to Asia One..
Despite their immense size, basking sharks are not dangerous to humans..
Turkeys Suffer Horribly During Transport And Slaughter In the process, many of the turkeys suffer broken wings and legs.
PROLONGED AND PAINFUL DEATHS: Once the tuna are out of the water, fishers typically club or stab them with harpoons in an attempt to kill them. Oftentimes, the tuna have to be hit multiple times before finally dying. ... Each year, hundreds of thousands of non-target animals die needlessly as a result of bycatch.
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