Why is my salmon GREY in the middle?

Chef's answer
What is the gray area of flesh just below the skin of salmon, and is it best to remove it before serving? The gray portion of tissue you refer to is a fatty deposit rich in omega-3 fatty acids and low in the natural pink pigments found in the rest of the fish..
Frequently asked Questions 🎓
That reddish-orange is the color of wild salmon flesh, sure, but it's most definitely not the color of farmed salmon flesh. ... Naturally, farmed salmon flesh is gray.
Looking at Raw Meat After extended storage, the gray-brown color is a sign of spoilage if the meat is also sticky to the touch, smells bad and develops a clear goo on the meat's surface. Do not taste or cook this meat.
Exposure to light and oxygen causes oxidation to take place, which causes the breaking down of color pigments formed during the curing process. ... For example, cured raw pork is gray, but cured cooked pork (e.g., ham) is light pink. For more information please see Color of Meat and Poultry.
Gray corned beef is said to have a better taste than red. The gray meet is softer and sweeter. Gray corned beef is also less salty than red corned beef..
Some hot dog brands have been moving away from sodium nitrite, a chemical that cures the meat, prevents foodborne illnesses like botulism, extends the wieners' shelf life and also is used to preserve that pink color. Without it, hot dogs would appear an unappetizing gray.
This is the color of a freshly butchered piece of meat. But when myoglobin gets exposed to oxygen, it turns into a compound called oxymyoglobin. ... The presence of oxygen, however, eventually turns beef grayish-brown. Myoglobin's chemical compound contains iron, which, after a few days of oxygen exposure, will oxidize..
Commercial sausages usually have nitrites in it which give it that reddish color. Without it, like all meat that isn't browned first will will have that grey-ish pallor. It just means it's cooked. Pork meat turns gray after it's been cooked..
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