Why was the Victoria sponge cake invented?

Chef's answer
This simple cake was one of the queen's favorites. After her husband, Prince Albert, died in 1861, the Queen Victoria spend time in retreat at the Queen's residence (Osborn House) at the Isle of Wight. According to historians, it was here that the Victoria Sponge Cake were named after Queen Victoria..
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The Victorian can be baked thin and carefully rolled with cream for Swiss rolls. The main difference is the Victorian slices disorderly and 'crumby' while the Genoise retains its form neatly. Both are accompanied well by, and are traditionally served with hot beverages namely tea and coffee..
If your sponge has come out too heavy or dense but cooked through, this could be due to under-mixing. Mixing is an important step in incorporating lots of air so that the sponge becomes light and fluffy. It could also be due to the fact that there weren't enough raising agents used.
The cake's name should really be The Royal Victoria Sponge, as its name harks back to Queen Victoria herself, who was said to enjoy a slice of the delicious cake with her traditional English afternoon tea..
5. My cake has sunk in the middle. There are three main reasons for this: a/ the oven door has been opened before the cake has set, b/ the cake didn't go in the oven as soon as the mixture was ready or c/ there's too much raising agent. 6..
Therefore when using it, you don't need to add baking powder to your recipe. You cannot substitute self raising flour for plain flour, however you can easily make your own self raising flour using plain flour. ... Stir together well so the baking powder is evenly distributed throughout the flour.
The Waitrose Victoria Sponge Cake has a slightly stale, grainy texture. It has very sweet cream and jam, but is a small size and it is flat.
In the early Victorian period, afternoon tea consisted of seed cake and fruit cake. ... The light, harmless Victoria Sponge was prepared as a teatime treat for them instead! Only later on did it make its way to the adult tea table.
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