Can Crawdads sing?

Chef's answer
I learned from a book that crawdads don't really sing. But I learned from my mother that if you go far enough into the wilderness, by yourself, and there's nothing but you and nature, you will hear the crawdads sing.
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Crawfish (also called crawdads, crayfish, stonecrabs and mud-bugs) can be boiled for a delicious treat or eaten raw (ideally with salt) as a high-protein survival food..
I learned from a book that crawdads don't really sing. ... With her then-husband Mark Owens, they made a name for themselves in the wild, writing three books together about their experiences with elephants and lions, even appearing in a 1988 National Geographic documentary, African Odyssey.
Like other edible crustaceans, only a small portion of the body of a crayfish is edible. ... At crawfish boils or other meals where the entire body of the crayfish is presented, other portions, such as the claw meat, may be eaten. Claws of larger boiled specimens are often pulled apart to access the meat inside..
  • Pour live crawfish into a washtub or ice chest.
  • Seven rules for eating crayfish safely To avoid illness, those who crave crayfish should observe the following rules: 1. Do not eat raw crayfish or buy dead ones as histidine, an amino acid, in the creature's protein cells turns poisonous after they die.
    by Delia Ownes. There is an aura of menace from the start in this story's atmospheric location. Reaching for the dictionary, we discover the meaning of the word crawdad:a colloquial term for the elusive crayfish..
    The title "Where the Crawdads Sing" was taken from a phrase Owens' mother used to use encouraging her tomboy of a daughter to take to the woods around their rural Georgia home, and listen to what those woods had to say.
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