Can I cut a brisket in half to cook?

Chef's answer
Make sure you seperate the point and flat and cut the flat in half against the grain so you dont end up with half slices of brisket. But i would cook the who thing and let it chill overnight in the fridge then portion it and freeze. A length wise cut gives two portions with flat and point.
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The primary reason home recipes for starter call for some of it to be discarded is "because as the starter is fed (refreshed) with flour and water to keep it alive and active, it continues to grow and expand to a far greater quantity than is practical, especially for home baking," Beranbaum writes.
The average serving size of bay scallops is one half pound. These scallops are presented shell-off and there are about 60-80 per pound..
1 Answer. you can reheat it in a frying pan, or... if it's not raw inside, slice it for steak salad or sandwiches. not bad..
Hold down tail with one hand.
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As long as you eat the cooked half, you should be fine. ... As long as you eat the cooked half, you should be fine. As to raw fish, the controlling factors are when the fish was killed and the means of preserving it until eaten. Wild-caught, deep water fish which is immediately put on ice is generally safe..
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