Can I sell things outside my house?

Chef's answer
Yes, you can sell whatever you want on your property as long as it's not illegal and it's safe.
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In Europe (and lots of other places outside of the US), scallops are commonly served in their shell with their delicate coral-colored roe attached, something rarely seen in the US, in part because the US Food and Drug administration has more stringent regulations for scallops with the roe attached, citing an increased ...
I've had it exactly once before this time, and that was sausage manufactured by the Johnsonville company, who are known for the brats and Italian sausages rather than their chorizo. ... So I cannot really compare this product to other chorizo, particularly authentic chorizo, I can only judge how I enjoyed it.20 Apr 2010
Snow Crab Legs come precooked when you buy them, and getting them ready to serve is simple, yet delectable!
1 to 2 daysHow long does raw salmon last after the sell-by date? After salmon is purchased, it may be refrigerated for 1 to 2 days - the "sell-by" date on the package may expire during that storage period, but the salmon will remain safe to use after the sell by date if it has been properly stored.
We are the manufacturer of the beef jerky we sell on Amazon. ... Amazon prohibits for sale or listing any products that violate laws or regulations. For more information on our policies, search on "Restricted Products" and "Listing Restrictions" in Seller Help.21 Jul 2015
Pearls sell for 10,000 Bells each at Nook's Cranny. However, since the Mermaid furniture is quite highly sought after and Pearls are hard to find, you may have better luck selling them for a higher price to your friends or other players online!
Generally, you can expect to be able to use ground beef one to three days after the "sell by" date depending on how it has been handled. Quality begins to decline on the Sell by date, so you should try to use the meat as soon as you can. Don't use foods that show signs of spoilage such as mold, off-odor, slimy texture.3 Jul 2013
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