Can you check your temperature without a thermometer?

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Many people can recognize when they feel feverish. Some describe it as a feeling of warmth. There is no completely accurate way to diagnose a fever without using a thermometer.
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People may feel hot without a fever for many reasons. Some causes may be temporary and easy to identify, such as eating spicy foods, a humid environment, or stress and anxiety. However, some people may feel hot frequently for no apparent reason, which could be a symptom of an underlying condition.17 Jun 2020
The medical community generally defines a fever as a body temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. A body temp between 100.4 and 102.2 degree is usually considered a low-grade fever.9 Aug 2020
Even if you have a high temperature, you might actually feel cold and begin to shiver. This is part of the first phase of having a fever. Your immediate reaction may be to huddle up under lots of blankets to feel warm. But even though you feel cold, inside your body is very hot.
Stay cool
  • Sit in a bath of lukewarm water, which will feel cool when you have a fever. ...
  • Give yourself a sponge bath with lukewarm water.
  • Wear light pajamas or clothing.
  • Try to avoid using too many extra blankets when you have chills.
  • Drink plenty of cool or room-temperature water.
  • Eat popsicles.
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    What you can do
  • Acetaminophen. Tylenol, paracetamol, and other pain relievers containing acetaminophen can be effective fever reducers. ...
  • Ibuprofen. Advil, Motrin, and other anti-inflammatory medications can also lower a fever. ...
  • Lots of fluids. ...
  • Tepid baths. ...
  • Cool compresses.
  • Infection symptoms that may occur along with low-grade fever Cough. Diarrhea. Fatigue. Muscle aches, joint aches, headaches, or earaches.
    A fever can mean a lot of different things, but most low-grade and mild fevers are nothing to worry about. Most often, an increase in body temperature is a normal response to an infection, like a cold or the flu.
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