Can you pan fry ramen?

Chef's answer
Ramen noodles are easy to pan fry. (or stir fry) Just boil the noodles in hot water for 1-2 minutes until the noodles start to soften and come apart. They should be slightly al dente (still have a slight bite to them.) Then toss them in a pan with some oil or your favourite sauce.
Frequently asked Questions 🎓
No. Noodles do not transmit worms. Raw meat transmits tapeworms..
  • Boil ramen noodles per package directions. Drain and set the ramen aside in a bowl. Add cubed tofu over the ramen.
  • In the same pot, add 2 ? cups boiling water and two tablespoons of miso.
  • When the miso broth is boiling, pour over the noodles.
  • Garnish with green onion and serve.
  • For a speedier tofu ramen, you can 100% use firm or extra firm tofu and simply cut it into smaller, spoon-sized cubes to add to each ramen bowl. Add to hot broth for a few minutes until cooked through, then add toppings..
    Bring 2 1/2 cups of water to a boil in a small saucepan. Add the noodles and cook for 2 minutes. Add the flavor packet, stir, and continue to cook for another 30 seconds..
    When the noodles are starting to turn slightly yellow, they are done. At this point, the ramen should be completely broken apart, and, when you put your fork in the water, a few noodles attach themselves to your fork. The ramen is ready to eat when it is flexible..
    Cooking time varies, but Tong recommends following the packet instructions (usually a couple of minutes). Once cooked, drain and rinse the noodles under a stream of cool water to stop the cooking process and discard the oily boiling water.
    Noodles: The ramen noodles should be cooked in boiling water just before serving. Boiling the noodles in the broth can result in gummy noodles. Instead, cook the noodles separately in just water and drain before adding to the individual bowls of broth.
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