How do you fry perch without curling it?

Chef's answer
2 Make sure to dry fillets completely using paper towels before cooking. 3 Slice a few shallow incisions along the edges if the skin is particularly thin, which will help prevent curling.
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When it starts looking like it's going to curl, flip them over and cook the second side how you want the finished product. After flip them again to finish cooking the first side. Make three or four lengthwise cuts in the PS before slicing. This helps reduce the curling..
You can sear them skin side down then when you turn them over gently poach them. With how small they sound the entire cooking process should only be about two to three minutes long at most. Not even getting that far. I put them in the pan skin-side down, but they're curling immediately..
As a lobster is cooked, the tail meat naturally wants to contract and curl.
Most of the time, bacon will come out flat and browned and beautiful just like that. If you have particularly thin or fatty pieces of bacon, however, it can still curl up on you as the water evaporates from the meat and the belly fat renders. To combat this, simply lay another wire rack face-down on top of the bacon.
To keep bacon from curling you can put it the oven. Line foil on a cookie sheet. Lay bacon slices one at a time next to each other on sheet. Put into a 350 degree F oven and bake till done..
If you've ever pan fried or seared pork chops, you know they can curl up a little. To fix this, just make a few small cuts in the ribbon of fat around the sides. It will prevent the chop from curling in the pan and cooking unevenly..
You basically have to stand there with tongs and continue to turn the sausages the entire time they are cooking. If they are not perfectly round they may want to roll over in which case you'll either need to squash them into shape or just hold them in place with the tongs so they don't roll over..
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