Is mold on jerky dangerous?

Chef's answer
The short answer is no, you're probably not going to die from eating mold.
Frequently asked Questions 🎓
No, the mold on meat isn't especially bad. It won't eat your insides. But still, moldy meat is worse than moldy plants. Mold itself isn't a strong health concern.
Most molds, but not all, will not grow due to the low oxygen environment in canned foods. Mold growth can indicate a poor vacuum, a weak seal, contamination along the jar rim, too little headspace, or under-processing. Mold formation in the top of home-canned food.
Jerky will mold if not enough moisture has been removed from the meat during the drying process.
Toxic mold can also have a grayish, soot-like texture, or a slimy, wet surface. In some cases, you may even notice furry orange or brown spots. If you find mold with any of these qualities in your home, don't get too close, and call a professional right away.
Molded beef jerky can cause stomach upset or mild food poisoning like symptoms in 10-15% cases.. In less than 1% cases ,this can be serious --but not common. The symptoms may onset in 4 to 6 hours of eating.
Herein, will mold on beef jerky hurt you? Most likely, your stomach acid will kill the mold and you will have no downsides. However, there's also a considerable chance of a minor infection or food poisoning, resulting in fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. All molds are antibiotic resistant.
If you see it growing on drywall, it's usually growing on both sides of the paper coating, so wiping it off the surface doesn't always get rid of the colony. Because it needs moisture to survive, black mold grows in damp places, such as basements, bathrooms, attics and garages..
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