What is good in avocado?

Chef's answer
Avocados are a great source of vitamins C, E, K, and B-6, as well as riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, and potassium. They also provide lutein, beta-carotene, and omega-3 fatty acids. Although most of the calories in an avocado come from fat, don't shy away!7 days ago.
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Don't Forget Crustaceans Dungeness crabs lead with about 350 milligrams of potassium in a 3-ounce serving of the edible portion. Other good sources of potassium are blue crab, king crab, and the relatively petite crayfish..
For the most effective potassium removal, potatoes must be cut into small pieces, sliced thin or grated. If boiled at least 10 minutes in a large pot of water, potassium is reduced by at least half the original amount..
Low-potassium veggie choices While vegetables tend to contain a lot of potassium, Sheth says there are plenty of fresh vegetable options for those who need to watch their potassium levels.
Potassium is a mineral found naturally in many foods. It has many functions in the body such as: helps to regulate blood pressure....Food Sources of Potassium.Grains:Serving SizePotassium (mg)Oatmeal, instant, cooked1 package129Rice, brown, cooked125 mL (? cup)81Bread, whole wheat whole grain1 slice716 more rows.
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