Why did my turkey skin burn?

Chef's answer
The turkey's skin is burnt, but meat is undercooked. This can happen at working with too high a heat. Just peel off the burnt skin, then throw on some butter and herbs and let it cook again with reduced heat..
Frequently asked Questions 🎓
Once you've gotten your meat to a point where it is burnt, you may have to transfer from the charcoal grill to a liquid-based cooking medium. You can add a little bit of water or broth to a pan and simmer the meat for a few minutes.
You can cut the burnt side off or, if it's fried chicken, remove the burnt skin. You can then bread your chicken again and cook it but only until the outside is golden brown if it's already cooked through. ... If you burned fried or roasted food, it's likely you've also dried it out.
Put a little bit of barbecue sauce on the meat and stick it back in the still-warm but not turned on oven for about 10 minutes, and dinner is saved! Vinegar: After burning a batch of chicken drumsticks, simply add about two tablespoons of vinegar to the entire batch, and it's once again edible and tasty.
You've most likely experienced finding a package of meat, vegetables, or ice cream at the bottom of your freezer that didn't look quite right. If foods from the freezer appear tough, shriveled, discolored in spots, or covered in ice crystals, they are probably freezer burnt.
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