Do crabs release a toxin when they die?

Chef's answer
Crabs, after they die quickly, start decomposing, which results in bacteria, and toxins rapidly multiplying. ... After a crab dies, these enzymes spread all over and eventually spread out and break down a cras muscle tissue. The most common result of bacteria and toxins multiplying when eaten is vibriosis.28 Oct 2020
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Can you heat it for long enough, that enough of the pathogens die off, and the meat becomes safe to eat? Thanks Reddit! You can kill the bacteria with heat, but there's no guarantee that toxins already produced by the bacteria will be destroyed by the heat.
Does aluminum foil release toxins when heated? The amount varied based on factors such as temperature and acidity (fish and tomatoes are highly acidic), but the findings showed conclusively that aluminum foil does leach into food cooked in foil.
In a new tank, allow chlorine to dissipate naturally over time depending on the size of the aquarium, aeration will quicken the process, or add a conditioner such as Interpret Gold Tap Safe which will remove chlorine and heavy metals from tap water.
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