What do amaranth leaves taste like?

Chef's answer
Amaranth greens are similar in taste to spinach, if not a bit heartier in texture. Amaranth seeds taste nutty and delicious when popped, and when cooked into porridge, become slightly gelatinous in texture (similar to chia crossed with cream-of-wheat).
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And lean muscle requires quick cooking. An overcooked scallop has a very chewy texture. That's because the proteins have cooked to the point that they squeeze out all the moisture. And there is no extra fat present in a scallop to help to mask the fact that they are overcooked.23 May 2011
Lobster's soft flesh, once cooked, should be pristine white, soft and tender. You should be able to eat it with a fork, from the shell or not. The flavor and texture of the lobster tail is somewhere between crab and shrimp and more on the mild side. Lobster's flavor is uniquely mild, with all the richness in texture.24 Feb 2016
Overcooking scallops is criminal- it will give them a tough, gummy texture and an overly fishy taste. Done properly, scallops don't have even a hint of fishy flavor- they are buttery and slightly sweet. Overcooking is the easiest way to completely ruin a scallop- so get you pan HOT!9 Mar 2015
The "white striping" found in chicken breasts is a by-product of how fast modern chickens grow and how big they get, a new report claims. Example of chicken breast with white striping. A muscle disorder called "white striping" is plaguing a lot of the chicken we eat.31 Jan 2017
Swordfish Flavor Profile. Swordfish has a mildly sweet flavor and a moist, meaty texture with moderately high fat content. The flesh can range from white or ivory to pink or orange. The color variations do not reflect quality.
The very best meatloaf should be tender and moist, with a distinctly soft but never mushy texture. "Velvety" and "rich" should come to mind when tasting it, tender enough to slice with a fork but firm enough to pick up that bite without it breaking.14 Aug 2015
Cod have a lean, mild flavor profile with large flakes and a tender-firm texture. Pacific Cod tend to have thicker fillets with a higher moisture content and are therefore less firm and a little harder to bread/batter. Their flesh is an opaque white color when raw and remains white after cooking.
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