What kind of salt do you use for steak?

Chef's answer
Seared Steak with Pan Sauce Not the iodized stuff. We use kosher salt (Diamond Crystal in our test kitchen) for seasoning steaks, because its crystal size allows for prime absorption into the outer layer of the steak. Partnered with freshly ground black pepper, it's an absolute essential steak prep step.Nov 27, 2017
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The primary difference between Kosher and non-Kosher hot dogs is that Kosher hot dogs do not contain pork. Kosher hot dogs also are made from beef or poultry that has been slaughtered according to Jewish law. Like other hot dogs, Kosher dogs contain high quality cuts of meat and spices.
Many of our Costco warehouse locations regularly stock kosher products. To find out, just ask a team member next time you visit your local Costco.
Hebrew National hotdogs are kosher, and this lawsuit is without merit, according to a written statement from Teresa A. Paulsen, vice president of communications and external relations for ConAgra Foods. "Hebrew National's kosher status is certified by a well-recognized and authorized third party.20 Jun 2012
Nathan's does offer a kosher variety of hot dogs, but the original Nathan's hot dogs are not kosher. There are some other companies that manufacture kosher hot dogs.
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